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    Faith Based Learning

    St. Thomas More Catholic Academy, located in the heart of the nation’s Greater Southeast, is a Church related school for Catholic education offering programs based on individual achievement and curricular outcomes that utilize integrated approaches and multi-sensory instructional methods. With a strong emphasis on integrated development in a context of Christian affectivity, our source and animating core of our inspired mission is drawn from Scripture and Church tradition.

  • Service Projects

    A Tradition of Service

    Students at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy have many opportunities throughout the year to participate and service projects independently and in a class setting. Many students choose to help with our weekly meal service.

    This is one way we teach our students to give back to their community.

    • June 3
      - Gerald D. Smith Jr.
      A Call To Action
      Good Morning STM Community, I pray this letter finds each of you well during what has been some of the most difficult times of our lives ,for the world, but most importantly for our brothers and sisters that identify as African-American. For centuries within this country, there have been disproportionate circumstances that have negatively and profoundly affected the lives of black people all rooted in America’s original sin of racism. While I intended to send out a note earlier, to be quite transparent I neither had the energy or a clear head to do so both religiously and justly. However, I have developed the headspace to do so and hope that you will bear with me as I do my part to use my platform to address these inequities. Throughout the history of America, the system of racism has reigned its ugly head in the face of the African-American community so much so that it has seeped into all forms of the way in which our society exists. The acts of racism have profoundly affected numerous opportunities for blacks and has evolved so much so that it impacts so many people of color. As we exist in this world, we are met with one simple question; what are we to do about it? For some, a choice is made to push back by any means necessary, for others a call to pray for healing of this world in order to make it just and humane. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum of action know that all of it matters. If one has feelings of anger, or sadness, know that these emotions are valid; if you find yourself numb or confused, know that these emotions are valid. However, there is a calling that must be answered, a calling from our beloved father to love one another with all our heart, and in doing so the meek will inherit the Earth. Time and time again the community of African-Americans has risen above the transgressions placed upon us, oftentimes in the company of allies that are from other races, even those that identify as Caucasian. This fight to provide a world of equity, one that is just and humane is a battle that is anchored to the greatest system of oppression known as racism, but we must understand that we are called to break every chain that prevents the world from being better. So wherever you find yourself; praying in the comfort of your home, on the streets of your state demanding justice, educating yourself and those around you through books and history lessons, or simply being still knowing that God is in control, just remember that silence is not an option. Let us continue to be vigilant to voice our disdain for acts of hate and racism itself; let us remember that being silent about issues that deprive a race of people at such a time is betrayal. Find a way in which you can contribute to knock down the inhumane system as we know it, so that we may build a world for our young men and women behind us, one in which they’ll know that they take up a space here and matter. God Bless, Principal Gerald D. Smith Jr. #blacklivesmatter
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